Nancy L. Russell

Nancy grew up in Minnesota, but has lived in Oklahoma most of her adult life.  Nancy has been a professional artist for over 20 years and has been the recipient of numerous awards.    Her work can be found in New York, Chicago and Dallas.  Her sculpture has been shown in numerous galleries across the country including Dodsons and the White house in Oklahoma City and Bounds Gallery in Rockport, Texas.  She has participated in many juried shows across the southwest.

She works in wood, bronze, clay and stone. She often returns to wood because of its warmth and natural beauty.  Much of the material she selects is native to Oklahoma, such as cedar, alabaster and black walnut.  Her subject matter is as diverse as her mediums.  One can find examples of animals, portrait busts, religious pieces, Southwestern art, Egyptian art, marine, as well as garden and fountain sculptures.  She is as comfortable with miniatures as she is with life size and as comfortable with realistic as she is with stylistic.  However, people remain her favorite subjects because of the infinite variety and character.

Come to the Fifthsister Gallery in Waynoka to see Nancy’s beautiful work.