I am working on creating my new website and one of the features is blog posting!  I am looking forward to this “new-to-me” feature to share about my daily creative process and a few thoughts about this and that.  Hopefully, a bit about my day will enhance a moment or two of yours.

On my mind today is the idea of why buying original artwork from an independent artist is the better idea vs. a store purchased, mass produced, statement décor piece for your home or work space.  As a strong first point in favor of purchasing original art is to understand the powerful and meaningful form of expression an individually created artwork brings to the table.  When you buy an original one-of-kind artwork, you are getting part of that artist’s heart and soul.  You are purchasing the personality of the artist, the abilities, the creativity and inspiration, the technical mastery of the artist as well insight and emotion of the artist.  Thus, original one-of-kind artworks have a depth and energy to them not found in machine produced décor.  A second point, when you buy original art for your home or work space you are investing in the artist so they can purchase more supplies and continue to share their creative energy with the world.  Third point, original art inspires thinking and connection and provides opportunity for great conversation more so than a massed produced décor item that matches your couch. The original artwork gives opportunity to share thoughts and ideas that might otherwise not be shared. Also, there is a story connected with artwork. The story of the artist as well as the story of your purchase of the art. This makes for much more interesting conversation than golly I found this at the furniture store. On a fourth note, original art, typically will increase in monetary value.  Your mass produced décor item will not.  And finally, original art creates a unique one-of-kind and energized environment as you invest in your own inspiration and creative energy. Investing in original art is investing in your quality of life!

May your day be filled with love, peace and joy!

Connie, The Fifthsister


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Rod Murrow · April 27, 2018 at 11:17 am

Excellent points, Connie. Critics of original art will point to affordability, I suppose, as they rush to Hobby Lobby for the 50% off sales of art-junk. In college days, a dorm room or living room might have been decorated with an inexpensive poster – but it was an effort toward art collecting, at least, something to cover up the bare walls. Limited Edition prints are another relatively inexpensive way to collect art. Nothing can compare, though, to owning a unique art piece. When you have a collection of original pieces, no matter how small or large the collection, you have something that nobody else has. Each piece is unique – each has a story – each has a history.

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